Al Jazeera

There’s a really interesting article on called Why I Love Al Jazeera.  It’s really a fascinating read.  If you’re like me (and most Americans), the name of this news network has been associated with the Islamic insurgencies and the grotesque beheadings that became almost commonplace not too long ago.  Perhaps this turns many Americans off, even if on a subconscious level.

But the author of the article is right – Al Jazeera has some really good news.  I really enjoy NPR an PBS, but I have to say that if Al Jazeera English was available here, I might be tuning in there instead (to “demand” your local carrier provides Al Jazeera Enlgish, visit this link).  The author points this out as well,

“Indeed, if Al Jazeera were more widely available in the United States—on nationwide cable, for example, instead of only on the Web and several satellite stations and local cable channels—it would eat steadily into the viewership of The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer. Al Jazeera—not Lehrer—is what the internationally minded elite class really yearns for: a visually stunning, deeply reported description of developments in dozens upon dozens of countries simultaneously.”

NPR fans, eat your heart out.

They have stories that I haven’t seen anywhere else.  Like this spot below that ties together Wikileaks hackers, Tunisia, and the Egyptian protests:

For now, you’ll have to read the website and watch the live streaming of AJE (Al Jazeera English) if you’re interested.


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