In a manufacturing environment you should be striving for zero defects. Defects are imperfections in products or services that render them below the expectations of your customer. A dent in a can of soda, a brake system that doesn’t work on a car, a mistake in your taxes, these are all examples of defects. The defect rate (the ratio of how many bad to how many good products) is more important for certain kinds of products. For example, a soda manufacturer and a pace maker manufacturer probably have a different view of defect rate and its importance. If the soda maker has a high defect rate, the customer may be unhappy and there may be a high cost associated with a recall or loss. If a pace maker manufacturer has a high defect rate people will die. A defect rate of 100 parts per million may be great for a soda manufacturer, but it would be disastrous for the pace maker manufacturer.

As humans in a fallen world, we also have defects. Our defect ratio is much more important than even the pace maker manufacturers. Our rate determines if we will enter the gates of Heaven or suffer the lack of God’s light in hell. Now, the triune God is not sitting on a cloud with a calculator and a spreadsheet deciding who gets in and who doesn’t. It is us who should be keeping track of our defects. You must know where you are weak, or where you have issues that can separate you from God. Where are your defects? We need to find them and spend time on them to make sure that the defect rate is as low as possible. The advantage we have is that we have the best customer ever – God. Our customer does not care if you have a defect, much less your defect rate. He wants you as you are. Bruised, dented, torn, leaking – whatever. He just wants you to know that He loves you. The reason we need to be keeping track of our defects is that we can’t truly know God’s love if we have areas of our lives with defect rates through the roof. We can’t continue to view pornography on the internet and know God’s love for us. We can’t back stab people at work or gossip and know God’s longing for our friendship. He is panting after us, friends. Wake up, know where you are prone to spiritual defects, and go after them again and again.


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