Reading Lists

I believe reading is one of the most important ways for you to grow spiritually.  It has helped me grow and mature in ways that no other medium can.  These are reading lists that I hope you will find useful.

This list is from James Emery White through his Church & Culture ministry (it was originally published in his book A Mind for God). It its meant to thrust you into a Christian worldview, and I highly recommend completing the list.

Adler, Mortimer. How to Read a Book.

Not all books are meant to be read the same.  This book will teach you how to read each kind of book and get the most out of them.

Brown, Colin. Philosophy and the Christian Faith.

Lewis, C.S. Mere Christianity.

Classic and unmatched for its plain English and highly intelligent Christian themes.  One of those books you should buy the expensive version of.

Niebuhr, H. Richard. Christ and Culture.

Noll, Mark A. Turning Points.

Very important for shaping your Christian worldview in the settings of history.  It reads like a textbook, because, well it is.  But hang in there, I promise you’ll learn a ton.

Packer, J.I. Knowing God.

Another classic.  It takes you into the intimate things about a relationship with God, and what it means to really know Him.

Schaeffer, Francis. Escape from Reason.

Sire, James. The Universe Next Door.

Tired of not understanding exactly what Buddhism, Nihilism, and post-modernism really mean?  This is your prayer answered.  It will be a struggle, but the knowledge you’ll gain is critical.  At the end of it you will be able to better understand why each worldview and religion are different from Christianity – and why Christianity should be the religion you follow.

Stott, John R.W. Basic Christianity.

Classic of classics.  Not to overuse the term, but this one is just essential to your collection.  Please, buy it. Not just buy it, but get out a highlighter and pen and paper when you read it.

White, James Emery. Serious Times.

This will put the challenges the modern church faces in bringing the lost to Christ into a historical and modern perspective.

These are the books I personally recommend:

Christ Among the Dragons, James Emery White

Perhaps his best book yet, this will take you into the crossroads of church and culture and explain the challenges and methods being explored by Christianity today.  It’s also a call to Christians to step up and create culture, instead of complaining about the lack of morals in pop culture.

Wild at Heart, John Eldredge

This will absolutely change you life, men.  This will speak words into your heart you’ve always wanted to hear.  You are a warrior, and you do have what it takes.

Today Matters, John Maxwell

Nothing will help you get your life and priorities in order like this book.  Maxwell is a master at simply stating his ideas, but with so much power.  He goes through 12 things that will help you realize that today matters, and how you can make today your masterpiece.

Straight Talk to Men, James Dobson

Everything today’s men need to hear.  Dobson speaks to what being a man truly is about.  It will either affirm how you feel about being a man, or it will rock your world and wake you up.  Either way, you need to read it.

The Search for God and Guiness, Stephen Mansfield

Never could a book be more tailor-made for me.  I love this book.  History, philanthropy, and a story you’ve never heard.  Read it, the name tells it all.


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